Cowboy Hat On Bed Meaning (Why Can’t Cowboys Put Hats On Bed?)

Many cowboys are superstitious and don’t even put their hats on the bed. Some cowboys store their hat upside down. Cowboys are also not allowed to wear their hats indoors.

Nowadays, most cowboys don’t even think twice about where they put their hats after a long day of hard work. However, some old-school cowboys take extra care when placing their hats after a long day of riding.

In this article, we will tell you why can’t cowboys put hats on the bed? Why do cowboys keep their hats upside down, and why are they not allowed to wear them indoors? So, if you are curious about these things, read on.

Why Can’t Cowboys Put Hats on Bed?

Many superstitious cowboys don’t put their hats on the bed because they believe it will bring bad luck into their houses. They think that, at worst, placing a hat on a bed may lead to severe injury or even death to someone dear.

However, no scientific proof exists that putting a cowboy hat on a bed brings bad luck, and no evidence shows that putting a hat on a bed will cause harm.

So, why do cowboys believe this superstition?

There are several reasons why cowboys believe in this superstition. One theory is that evil spirits live in your hair, so by putting your hat on your bed, where your head goes, they will spill out.

This belief began from the fact that static electricity would discharge when people remove their hats in warm, humid weather. Because most people didn’t know what static electricity was back then, they thought it was an evil spirit.

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Another theory is that the deceased’s hat is placed at the bottom of the coffin at funerals. Putting a hat on the bed had the same connotation as putting a hat on a coffin, which is supposed to evoke evil spirits.

There is another reason for this tradition besides a superstitious one. Cowboys used not to wash their hair frequently, which unfortunately often led to hair lice. This is why cowboy hats became breeding grounds for jerks; by putting a hat on a bed, they could spread even more.

Why do cowboys store their hats upside down?

Often time we see cowboys store their hats upside down. This is because they believe all their good luck is held inside the hat. If they store the hat up, they think all their good luck will come out.

Cowboys believe that storing their hats upside down will help them get better and prosper in life. Also, they think that if they keep their hats upside down, they will have a longer life than those who store them up.

Why are cowboys not allowed to wear their hat indoors?

Cowboys aren’t allowed to wear their hats indoors because of not any superstition; instead, it’s just a common cowboy hat rule.

One of the essential cowboy hat rules is to take off their hat when entering a private building or a public place. If they attend a formal event, they will keep their hat off while indoors, and if it’s an informal occasion, they will wear it again.

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These are a few reasons why cowboys don’t put hats on beds. However, no scientific evidence proves that putting a hat on the bed will bring bad luck. Cowboys also store their hats upside down because they believe this way, their good lucks will be held inside.

Cowboys also don’t wear their hats indoors, which is one of the essential rules of wearing a cowboy hat. They avoid wearing their cowboy hats on formal occasions, but if it is an informal occasion, they wear their cowboy hats.

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Is putting your hat on a table bad luck?

Putting a hat on a table is also considered to bring bad luck. It is believed that placing a hat on a table attracts evil spirits and bad luck to someone dear.

Do cowboys still believe these superstitions?

Nowadays, cowboys don’t believe these superstitions because there is no scientific evidence proving that putting a hat on a bad brings bad luck.

Why do cowboys store their hat upside down?

It is believed that storing a cowboy hat upside down will keep their good luck inside the hat.

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