What Kind Of Cowboy Hat Does Jason Aldean Wear? (Answered)

If you are a fan of Jason Aldean like me, then you would love to know the answer to “What kind of cowboy hat does Jason Aldean wear?” because I have been looking for it for a long time and finally I found out the answer and in this article, I am going to share this with you guys.

I don’t think there is any doubt about Jason Aldean’s style or fashion sense, as he has always looked good on stage and off stage. He always looks sharp and stylish while performing live, so his fans love him. The thing which makes him look more attractive is his unique style and cool accessories. One of the most fantastic accessories is his cowboy hat.

So, today I want to tell you what kind of cowboy hat he wears and how you can find one for yourself. Let’s start with the following:

What kind of cowboy hat does Jason Aldean wear?

Jason Aldean wears a palm leaf straw cowboy hat with brown detailing. These cowboy hats are made of burned Mexican Palm and finished with a brown leather band. There is also an interesting story regarding this signature hat of Jason Aldean.

What kind of cowboy hat does Jason Aldean wear
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In an interview, Jason Aldean said he needed a hat, so he went to a western store. He didn’t have much money, so he bought their cheapest.

Jason said the first cowboy hat he bought was like a straw hat with a brown band around it. After seeing the cowboy hat, he realized that no one else wore a hat like that.

He also said that he could not afford any other hats then, and it was the only one he could afford. The price of that cowboy hat was around 40 bucks. 

The 44-year-old Georgia native has worn the signature hat since he started in the early 2000s. He stayed loyal by wearing it for every significant milestone in his career. He has been featured with his cowboy hat on all nine album covers, at award shows, speeches, and even on stage while performing his hit songs in front of thousands of people.

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Why does Jason Aldean wear a cowboy hat?

As mentioned above, Jason Aldean wears a palm-leaf cowboy hat, and this type of hat is trendy among cowboys. Jason Aldean likes cowboy hats a lot, and this is his love for the cowboy hats he wore everywhere he went.

He loves to wear cowboy hats when he performs live and also wears cowboy hats when he travels to different places. He did a concert tour in Australia with his cowboy hat.

Jason Aldean likes cowboy hats because he has been wearing them since he started his career. Also, the palm leaf cowboy hat was the only hat he could afford during his struggling days. So, these cowboy hats have a special meaning for him.

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What brand of cowboy hat does Jason Aldean wear?

The cowboy hats that Jason Aldean wears are of the brand “Resistol.” Resistol Hats is an American hat manufacturer based in Garland, Texas.

The company is best known for making cowboy hats, and the company has been a major part of the manufacturing base since its inception. The company is reported to be well-diversified and makes hats in various styles, including safari and baseball styles.


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Where can I buy a cowboy hat like Jason Aldean?

You can buy a cowboy hat from online stores. You can also visit Resistol’s official site to order a cowboy hat like Jason Aldean.

Does Jason Aldean wear black cowboy hats?

Yes, Jason Aldean wears black cowboy hats. Even Jason Aldean has a good collection of black cowboy hats.

Does Jason Aldean wear any other cowboy hats rather than Resistol?

No, Jason Aldean only wears Resistol brand cowboy hats, and he does not wear any other brand of cowboy hat.

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