What Kind Of Cowboy Hat Does Garth Brooks Wear? (Answered)

Garth Brooks is known for his love of country music and cowboy hats. But what kind of cowboy hat does Garth Brooks wear? There are many types of cowboy hats, each with its unique style. Garth Brooks has been seen wearing many cowboy hats, but his favorite cowboy hat is the Bangora Straw cowboy hat by Resistol.

In this article, we will discuss the types of Garth Brooks cowboy hats, and we will also take a look at his favorite cowboy hat. So, if you want to know which cowboy hat Garth Brooks wears, keep reading.

What kind of cowboy hat does Garth Brooks wear?

Garth Brooks is known for his love of cowboy culture, which extends to his headwear choice. The country music legend almost always sports a cowboy hat, but what kind does he wear?

Many country singers wear costly cowboy hats with 100X or more ratings, but this is not the case with Garth brooks. Generally, Brooks wears felt and straw cowboy hats by Stetson and Resistol. His cowboy hat ratings range between 7x to 10x. This is the same rating you get on a cowboy hat bought from a local retail store.

what kind of cowboy hat does garth brooks wear
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Garth Brooks wears a black felt cowboy hat from Stetson during winter. This cowboy hat has a wide brim, and the crown is tall. The brim size is around 4 inches, and it has a matching leather headband. During winter events, Garth Brooks wears his favorite Bangora Straw cowboy hat by Resistol.

This straw cowboy hat of Garth Brooks has some unique features. This cowboy hat has a cattleman crease crown with a slight dip in the front. The brim has a pencil curl around the edges. The color of this cowboy hat is natural straw, and the brim size is around 4 inches.

Garth Brooks likes his Bangora straw cowboy hat so much that we see him often wearing this during his winter events.

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Why does Garth Brooks wear a Resistol Bangora straw cowboy hat?

Garth Brooks is a country music legend, and he is known for his love of cowboy hats. He often wears a Resistol Bangora straw cowboy hat, which is a type of hat that is made in Garland, Texas.

There are several reasons why Garth Brooks wears a Bangora straw cowboy hat by Resistol:

  1. He loves how the cowboy hats look, making him feel like a true cowboy.
  2. These hats are very comfortable and help protect his head from the sun during summer events.
  3. They are also great for keeping his hair out of his face while performing.

Garth Brooks is not the only one who loves Resistol cowboy hats. Many other country music stars wear them because they are stylish and comfortable. If you are looking for a new cowboy hat, consider getting a Resistol.

Apart from Resistol, Garth Brooks also wears Stetson felt cowboy hat during winter. You must know that both Stetson and Resistol cowboy hats are manufactured by the same company, Hatco, Inc., based in Garland, Texas. These two brands are the most popular cowboy hat brands in the world.

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Where to buy Garth Brooks cowboy hats?

Garth Brooks is a country music icon and one of the best-selling artists of all time. He’s known for his unique style, which includes wearing a cowboy hat. Here are some places to check out if you’re looking to buy a Garth Brooks cowboy hat.

The first place to look is at one of the many online retailers that sell cowboy hats. Garth wears a few different styles, so you’ll want to make sure you choose the right one. You can also find cowboy hats at online ecommerce stores like amazon, but it might take a lot of work to find the exact style that Garth wears.

Another option is to contact a company that specializes in custom cowboy hats. This way, you can get the exact style and fit you want. Just be prepared to pay a bit more for this service.

Garth Brooks’s favorite straw cowboy hat has some unique features which will be missing in regular Bangora straw cowboy hats. Consider a custom cowboy hat if you want an exact cowboy hat similar to the one Garth Brooks wears.

Why do people are so obsessed with Garth Brooks’s cowboy hat?

Garth Brooks is known for many things: his soulful voice, his country-pop style, and, of course, his cowboy hat. The cowboy hat is such an integral part of Brooks’ image that it’s hard to imagine him without it. So, why are people so obsessed with Garth Brooks’ cowboy hat?

For one, the cowboy hat is a symbol of the American West. It conjures up images of wide open spaces, rodeos, and cowboys. And Garth Brooks is the epitome of a modern-day cowboy. He’s rugged and handsome, with a down-to-earth personality. In short, he’s the perfect man to represent the American West.

Secondly, the cowboy hat is just plain cool. It adds an element of mystery and intrigue to Brooks’ persona. People are obsessed with Garth Brooks’s cowboy hat because it symbolizes his success. The cowboy hat is also a reminder of his humble beginnings and how far he has come. It is also a symbol of his love for country music.

So, these are some of the reasons why Garth Brooks fans are so obsessed with his cowboy hat.


Garth Brooks is known for his love of cowboy hats, Resistol is the most popular brand of a cowboy hats, and it’s no surprise that Garth Brooks wears one.

He is often seen sporting a Bangora Straw Cowboy Hat by Resistol. However, Garth doesn’t just stick to one brand of a cowboy hat. He has been known to wear hats from Stetson as well.

No matter what brand of cowboy hat Garth Brooks is wearing, one thing is for sure – he looks good in it!


What is Garth Brooks’ real name?

Garth Brooks’ real name is Troyal Garth Brooks. He uses his middle name as his stage name.

What is Garth Brooks’ favorite cowboy hat?

Garth Brooks often wears a black Stetson felt cowboy hat. But his favorite cowboy hat is the Bangora straw cowboy hat by Resistol.

What is Garth Brooks’ favorite color of a cowboy hat?

Garth Brooks wears cowboy hats in many colors, but his favorite is black. He wears black felt cowboy hats during winter and natural color straw cowboy hats during summer.

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