What Kind Of Cowboy Hat Does Trace Adkins Wear? (Answered)

Country music star Trace Adkins has an iconic style recognizable to all his fans. From his signature baritone voice to his impressive physique, Adkins has a style that sets him apart. One of the most distinct elements of Adkins’ look is his cowboy hat, which he wears almost every time he steps onto the stage or out into public. But what kind of cowboy hat does Trace Adkins wear?

In this article, we’ll look at the cowboy hat that Trace Adkins wears and learn about its features and design. So, if you are a big fan of Trace Adkins and want to know the cowboy hat he wears, keep reading.

What kind of cowboy hat does Trace Adkins wear?

Country music superstar Trace Adkins has long been a fan of cowboy hats and is often seen wearing one during his performances. His trademark look includes a classic Stetson cowboy hat with a wide brim. But what kind of cowboy hat does Trace Adkins wear?

Trace wears an American-made Black Stetson Blazer cowboy hat with an open-crown design and 4-inch wire brim. He pairs this classic style with jeans, boots, and vintage western shirts for the perfect country look.

what kind of cowboy hat does trace adkins wear
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It’s not just an excellent choice for his onstage style; it also helps keep him protected from the sun while on tour. The Stetson blazer cowboy hat is also well suited for outdoor wear because it’s lightweight and water-resistant.

This cowboy hat has a wire brim around the edges that helps to adjust the brim according to your preference. This cowboy hat usually has a flat brim, but since it has wire around the edges, one can easily curl the sides and adjust the front and back of this cowboy hat.

You perhaps have seen Trace Adkins wearing a curled-brim cowboy hat sometimes. This is the same flat-brim Stetson Blazer cowboy hat, but Trade Adkin adjusted the brim.

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Where can you buy a cowboy hat like Trace Adkins wears?

You’ll need the right cowboy hat for those who want to look like the country music legend Trace Adkins. While Adkins rocks a classic Stetson black blazer western cowboy hat, it’s not always easy to find one that looks just like his. Fortunately, several retailers carry hats in styles similar to what he wears.

Stetson blazer cowboy hats are trendy and can be found at your favorite western stores. You can also visit Stetson’s official website to get one. If you are looking for a hat similar to that of Trace Adkins, look at the specific features mentioned above.

Make sure that the cowboy hat is at least 10x in rating. Any cowboy hat lower than this X rating will not be suitable for you to wear and adjust its brim. Always remember that cowboy hats are made to withstand the elements, including rain and dirt. You want a hat that will hold its shape and not look crushed even if it has been worn all day.

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Why are people so obsessed with Trace Adkins’s cowboy hat?

Trace Adkins is an iconic country singer known for his signature style and trademark cowboy hat. His fans are obsessed with his rugged look and have come to recognize him by the shape of his hat. But why? What kind of cowboy hat does Trace Adkins wear, and why do people love it so much?

Adkins’ trademark hat is a classic western-style Stetson blazer with a four-inch wire edge brim, low crown, and a matching faux leather band. It’s a perfect mix of traditional and modern that compliments any outfit while maintaining its timeless appeal.

This type of cowboy hat has become incredibly popular over the years, but none more so than Adkin’s interpretation. He often pairs this classic look with jeans and boots to give off strong country vibes that many admire.

Not only does this style look good on him, but it also stands out from the crowd due to its unique features, such as the cattleman crease shape and classic 4-inch brim. The luxurious feel provided by the high-quality materials makes it ideal for long days in the sun or even rain and snow.

Additionally, Trace Adkins takes pride in supporting American companies and values ensuring that all his hats are made domestically.

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Trace Adkins is known for his signature look, including his favorite hat and crisp western shirts, jeans, and boots. Whether on stage performing or attending a red-carpet event, Adkins looks excellent in his classic Stetson blazer cowboy hat. He has become an icon for men who love the Western look and want to emulate this timeless style.

Adkins has been wearing his signature look for decades, showing just how timeless cowboy fashion can be. With its classic Stetson cowboy hat, cool accessories, and subtle styling details, it’s no wonder why Trace Adkins’ signature look has remained so popular over the years. 


Does Trace Adkins wear a black cowboy hat?

Yes, Trace Adkins wears a classic black Stetson Blazer cowboy hat.

How much is a Stetson Blazer cowboy hat?

A classic 10X black Stetson blazer cowboy hat will cost you around $100 at most stores, depending on where you purchase it.

Is the Stetson Blazer cowboy hat suitable for summer?

Yes, the Stetson Blazer cowboy hat is great for summer. This hat is lightweight and water-resistant, so it’s a good choice for hot or humid weather.

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