What Kind Of Cowboy Hat Does Dustin Lynch Wear? (Answered)

Dustin Lynch is a country music artist who has been around for nearly a decade. He’s known for his unique style of music and fashion, especially his signature look with the cowboy hat. But what kind of cowboy hat does Dustin Lynch wear? In this article, we’ll explore the type of cowboy hat he wears and its significance to his overall style.

So, if you are a fan of Dusting Lynch and his cowboy hat, you will want to read on.

What kind of cowboy hat does Dustin Lynch wear?

Dustin Lynch is a country singer who has become an icon in the music industry for his signature style. His look is often highlighted by his signature cowboy hat, which has made him recognizable all over the world.

The type of cowboy hat that Dustin Lynch typically wears is a Maclane straw cowboy hat by Resistol. This cowboy hat style is perfect for protecting himself from the sun while performing and gives him a distinct old-fashioned Western vibe.

what kind of cowboy hat does dustin lynch wear
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These cowboy hats by Resistol have a unique look and are the perfect addition to any country concert or event. Maclane straw cowboy hats by Resistol are hand-woven out of the highest-quality straw and are designed to last for many years. They come in various sizes and natural straw colors so that you can find the perfect hat for your style.

When Dustin Lynch wears this cowboy hat by Resistol, it is no surprise that he looks like a genuine country superstar. Resistol launched the Maclane straw cowboy hat style in 2011, which is still trendy today because of its classic, timeless look. These hats are an excellent gift for any country music fan.

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What Does the Cowboy Hat Say About Dustin Lynch’s Style?

The cowboy hat has long been a symbol of the American West, but for Dustin Lynch, it’s an extension of his country music style. The singer-songwriter is often seen sporting a Maclane straw cowboy hat by Resistol that’s perfect for any music video or stage performance. His hat choice expresses his commitment to traditional country music while giving him an individual edge.

Dustin Lynch’s style is both contemporary and timeless, making him stand out among other artists in the industry who often favor more modern looks. He’s known for wearing a Maclane straw cowboy hat made with 100% natural straw with a 4 1/2″ brim and 4 3/8″ crown, complete with a leather band around the crown. The combination of style and functionality makes this hat an ideal accessory for any occasion.

Dustin Lynch’s cowboy hat style says a lot about him as an individual. Unlike many other country music stars, Dustin Lynch does not shy away from his country roots. His style is a nod to the traditional country music genre, yet he gussies it with modern touches that make him stand out among others.

He’s not afraid to take chances, and his cowboy hat is a testament to this. Dustin Lynch is an artist with a unique style all his own and uses his cowboy hat to show it.

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Where can you buy a cowboy hat like Dustin Lynch wears?

The type of cowboy hat that Dustin Lynch usually wears is a Maclane straw cowboy hat by Resistol. It’s a stylish and timeless look that will never go out of fashion. You can easily find cowboy hats like this style online or in most western wear stores, such as Cavender’s or Sheplers. Prices vary depending on size and quality, but you should be able to get one for less than $100.

The Maclane straw cowboy hat by Resistol is a very limited-edition piece of a cowboy hat and is very hard to find. If you can’t get one of them, then you can buy a similar straw cowboy hat made by Resistol.

Resistol is a trendy western wear brand in the United States. Their cowboy hats are of excellent quality and very durable. They’re also available in various styles, colors, sizes, and prices.

So, if you don’t find an exact Maclane straw cowboy hat like Dustin Lynch wears, don’t get disappointed. Any other Resistol straw cowboy hat is a great choice, too.

Why are people so obsessed with Dustin Lynch’s cowboy hat? 

Dustin Lynch is a well-known country music star who is widely recognized for his signature style, which includes wearing a cowboy hat. Ever since Lynch was thrust into the spotlight with his hit single “Cowboys and Angels” in 2012, fans of all ages have been obsessed with the perfect accessory that captures his unique look – his cowboy hat.

The answer to this question has had devoted fans and casual observers asking why people are so fascinated with Dustin Lynch’s cowboy hat. It turns out it isn’t just about the style but the symbolism behind it. Lynch may not always wear his cowboy hat, but when he does, it always draws attention.

By donning a Maclane straw cowboy hat by Resistol for many of his performances, Lynch pays homage to traditional American country music values such as hard work and dedication.


There are many cowboy hats to choose from, and one of the most popular is the one worn by country music superstar Dustin Lynch. This article has provided an in-depth look into what type of cowboy hat Dustin wears.

We have learned that he typically opts for a Maclane straw cowboy hat by Resistol. Not only does this style flatter his features, but it also looks excellent onstage when performing in front of large crowds.

With all the information regarding Dustin Lynch’s cowboy hat, we hope this article has inspired you to find your perfect fit! Dustin’s style is simple yet timeless and can be seen as both an homage to traditional country music stars and an expression of his unique sense of fashion.

His choice of cowboy hat serves as a perfect example for those looking to make their statement with western headwear.

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