What Does A Feather In A Cowboy Hat Mean? (Explained!)

Have you ever wondered what a feather in a cowboy hat means? We often see a feather in a cowboy hat worn by the cowboy, but is there any meaning to it?

The answer is yes! The feather in a cowboy hat means something; if you are wondering what it means, this article will help you.

Some people wear feathers in their cowboy hats for fashion purposes, while others may have some particular reason behind it. Because so much of our culture, traditions, and history is associated with a cowboy hat, we tend to associate meaning with every modification in the hat.

And in this case, where we’re talking about a feather, it’s no different. A feather in a cowboy hat represents a few things. Even if you disagree with this symbolism, you can’t change it.

What does a feather in a cowboy hat mean?

A feather in a cowboy hat does not have any specific meaning. There may be various reasons a cowboy would want to wear a feather in their hat. Some of these are discussed below:

1. As a symbol of honor

A cowboy may wear a feather in the hat to show off his pride as an individual who has achieved something remarkable.

There was once a time when the feather meant that the cowboy had ridden the bull successfully. But if you were not riding the bull, you weren’t entitled to put a feather into your hat.

So, if you have won a competition or done something unique, you can wear a feather in a cowboy hat. It also shows that you are proud of yourself. So, wearing a feather in a cowboy’s hat, you should feel good about yourself!

2. Cultural Significance 

Another reason a cowboy might wear a feather in his hat is that he wants to represent his cultural heritage. Native American tribes used feathers to symbolize power and authority, believing birds held special forces.

They also believed a feather brings good luck and prosperity. So, a cowboy may also wear a feather in his hat to signify his connection to the Native Americans, and he may also wear it to show respect towards them.

3. Fashion Statement

If you are a cowboy who likes to dress in fancy clothes, you can wear a feathered hat to make a fashion statement. You can wear a feather in a cowboy hat to show off your style and personality, but make sure that the feather is artificial and not natural.

People often wear a feather in a hat just because they like how it looks. Wear one if you think you look fabulous in a cowboy hat with a feather.

4. Cowboy Pride

There are many reasons why a cowboy wears a feather in his hat. However, the most common cause is that he loves being a cowboy.

He enjoys spending his free time doing all sorts of activities related to being a cowboy. He may even take pride in wearing a feather in his hat because it reminds him of his pastime.

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How do you put the feather on a cowboy hat?

Using a sewing needle is the easiest way to put a feather in a cowboy hat. You will need to sew the feather onto the hat, which is very easy. All you have to do is thread the needle and then insert the end of the feather inside the hat.

Once you have inserted the end of the feather, pull the needle through the hat until the other end of the feather comes out. Then tie a knot around the end of the feather to stay securely in place.

You can now remove the needle from the hat. Now that you have sewn the feather in place, you can enjoy wearing your new hat without worrying about losing the feather.

Alternatively, you can glue the feather instead of sewing it on. To do this, apply some glue to the backside of the feather. Once the glue dries, stick the feather in place.

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Wearing a feather on a cowboy hat may signify many different things. Some cowboys wear a feather in their hats because it represents their culture, while others wear it because they want to be fashionable.

If you feel comfortable wearing a feather in a cowboy hat, go ahead! There is no right or wrong way to wear a feather in a hat, but make sure to use an artificial feather, not a real one.

Please let us know in the comments below if you have any questions or suggestions. We would love to hear from you!


What side do you put a feather on a cowboy hat?

Many cowboys prefer putting their feathers on their hats on the left side. This is because the cowboy hat is the most lovable part of the cowboy outfit, and wearing it on the left signifies the heart or love.

What color feather should I wear on my cowboy hat?

There is no specific color of a feather that is better than another, and it depends on what color feather you like the most.

How do I keep a feather in my cowboy hat?

You can sew the feather onto the hat or use a hair clip to hold the feather in place. Alternatively, you can use glue to secure the feather in place.

Can I wear a feather on cowboy hat for no reason?

Yes, you can wear a feather on a cowboy’s hat for no reason. If you feel good wearing a feather in a hat, go ahead. But only use an artificial feather.

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