What Do Xs Mean On Cowboy Hats? (All You Need To Know)

You may sometimes wonder what Xs mean on cowboy hats when you think of a cowboy hat’s quality. Don’t worry this article will let you know what this exactly is. The Xs refer to the amount of beaver in your cowboy hat, and a higher number of Xs mean that the cowboy hat has better quality.

However, while labeling a cowboy hat’s quality, there is no such rule or standard, but that’s what most people don’t realize.

Let’s take an example; a diamond is measured in carats, just like we say how many carats a diamond is. And whenever you need to label it, you must follow this strict system. But when you talk about cowboy hats, anyone can say that it is a 50X cowboy hat, even if it is a 10X hat.

This means you need to be careful when you plan to buy a cowboy hat. Learn the art of feeling for a good-quality cowboy hat. A good-quality cowboy hat will surely be softer and smoother, just like the one you want under a budget.

What Do Xs Mean On Cowboy Hats?

As mentioned earlier, the Xs in cowboy hats indicates the amount of beaver used in manufacturing cowboy hats. Higher X-rating means more fur (or simply beaver), while a lower rating indicates a lesser quantity.

It is recommended that buyers discuss this X-factor rating with the manufacturer before buying a cowboy hat. The reason is that with differences in rates, the pricing also differs, which most buyers aren’t aware of.

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Can you determine the X-factor rating by the raw materials?

You can quickly determine this rating by looking at the materials used for making the cowboy hat, specifically by the percentage of furs. The chinchilla, mink, and beaver are used to make cowboy hats, and a cowboy hat with more delicate fur will be more Xs and vice versa.

What does 10X in Cowboy hats indicate?

The shape and density of the material with which a cowboy hat is made also determine its X-factor rating. And it is in the range of 1X to 10X, and cowboy hats made of below 5X materials contain almost no beaver fur and have poor fur grades. On the other hand, a 10X cowboy hat is manufactured with 100% beaver fur.

It is better to have a 10X hat if you buy it for the first time, and this will be more beneficial if you don’t wear such hats often or only on special occasions. Because that will make the hats stay with you for a long.

Are 50X, 100X and 200X Cowboy Hats worth buying?

A 50X cowboy hat is one having high amounts of beaver in it. Such hats complete your dress, which you can show off proudly at a party or event and will look good on the ranch. If you talk about a 100X cowboy hat, it has no other fur except beaver, making it a soft and smooth-to-wear hat.

200X cowboy hats are more like beaver bellies. You can compare “Smooth-quill Ostrich” and “Full-quill Ostrich” to understand the concept. No doubt that both the options are great, but full-quill is of better quality which is why it is preferred more.

The same is the case when you compare a 100X cowboy hat and a 200X cowboy hat. Even though both are of the highest quality and look beautiful, a 200X cowboy hat always takes the lead.

Does a 1000X Cowboy Hat exist?

1000X cowboy hats exist, and they always top the chart because of their quality and beauty. And for the same reason, very few companies are making it; it is also costly. The blend of beaver and mink provides you with the softest and finest feel.

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What are Different Materials used to increase the “X” content in a cowboy hat?

Some manufacturers include “X marking” on cowboy hats to let the customers know about the quality of hats they are offering. The straw materials used to make hats are taken from plants and then appropriately cultivated.

And if the straws aren’t prepared before the start of the weaving process, you will only be able to manufacture poorly graded cowboy hats. The process includes the following:

  • Stripping
  • Washing
  • Dyeing
  • Drying

The woven straws used for this purpose include the “Shantung Panama straw cowboy hat, palm leaf straw cowboy hat, bangora straw cowboy hat, Guatemalan palm straw cowboy hat, and lastly, the Treated Mexican Palm straw cowboy hat.”

So, whenever you buy a new cowboy hat, don’t forget to look at its “X” content. Or else, you may not have the soft and smooth cowboy hat you wish for.

Is the “X System” confusing?

As mentioned earlier, no such rule or restriction exists to show whether the cowboy hat is 10X or 500X. So, the standards may vary from one industry to another. That means each manufacturer will rate the cowboy hat based on the way they want rather than what a customer needs.

For example, a 500X cowboy hat from one company will be different from a 500X cowboy hat from another. This needs to be clarified for the customer about which is better and which option to choose.

Also, the X rating system was previously used for the amount of beaver only. But it is now used for various kinds of straws and other materials. That’s why industries these days don’t even try to indicate the X content in cowboy hats, which confuses the customers.


Cowboy hats are of various kinds, depending on the materials with which they are made and the quality of those materials. And further classification is done based on the X system.

So, whenever you buy a cowboy hat, confirm whether it’s a 10X cowboy hat or 200X, and that will help you identify if the quality is good or not.

This article has given you the answer to what x means on cowboy hats. If you still have any doubts feel free to comment below.


What do 5X and 10X mean in cowboy hats?

5X cowboy hats are mostly made of wool with a small amount of beaver, whereas a 10X cowboy hat contains more beaver than wool. 

What is a 100X cowboy hat?

A 100X cowboy hat is one of the most expensive and luxurious cowboy hats available today. It’s made from the finest materials, and these hats are trendy among celebrities and royalty.

What does 50X mean in a cowboy hat?

50X cowboy hats are also trendy but less expensive than 100X hats. Knowing that the higher the X rating in a cowboy hat, the better quality and the more expensive it will be.

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