What Cowboy Hat Does JB Mauney Wear? (Here Is The Answer)

If you are a fan of PBR (professional bull rider) events, then you may know JB Mauney very well. He is also famous for his cowboy hat. Do you know what cowboy hat JB Mauney wears?

If you are a lover of cowboy attire, you may have tried to find the cowboy hat that JB Mauney wears. It’s good if you have found the hat. But many of you may still need help finding out the cowboy hat he wears.

No one can be 100% sure about JB Mauney’s hats unless you know him very well. This post will try to find the type of cowboy hat that JB Mauney wears. If you want a cowboy hat, just like JB Mauney’s cowboy hat, then keep reading.

Who is JB Mauney?

Many of us might need to learn about JB Mauney. Let me give you a brief introduction to JB Mauney. The real name of JB Mauney is James Burton Mauney, and JB Mauney is an American professional rodeo cowboy and professional bull rider.

He started his career in the professional bull rider (PBR) association. JB Mauney has won many achievements and titles, and he is two time PBR world champion and PBR world finals event champion.

Being a champion of PBR events, JB Mauney is famous for his cool bull rider look, especially his cowboy hat and boots. You might wonder why JB Mauney wears a cowboy hat as a bull rider.

Is it necessary for bull riders to wear cowboy attire? Why is a cowboy hat essential for bull riders? We always try to build your knowledge and give detailed information about the topic. Hence continue reading the article. We will answer all your questions in detail.

What Cowboy Hat Does JB Mauney Wear?

JB Mauney wears a traditional black felt cowboy hat. This cowboy hat has a cattleman crease on the crown and double pinches, and its four-inch brim creates a V-shape.

JB Mauney usually wears felt cowboy hats. The felt cowboy hats are that worn in the cold season. These types of hats can be expensive. Felt hats come in various quality levels, known by the “x-factors.” The higher an x, the better the quality of the hat. If you are looking for a quality hat, its rating must be 20x or higher.

You can be sure that JB Mauney is wearing an expensive cowboy hat, which is 20x or higher. JB Maloney’s career earnings are more than $7.2 million. So, purchasing a cowboy hat which 20x or higher is very reasonable for him.

His black felt hat with a cattleman crease crown and a 4-inch brim fits the features of his face perfectly. His crown height is roughly equal in size to his face, slightly tapering towards the top, and it looks good from every angle.

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Why is Cowboy Hat Important to Bull Riders like JB Mauney?

After reading about bull riding, it sounds as simple as horse riding. But it is not. Riding a bull is far different and riskier than horse riding. Therefore, there are some rules for bull riding. These rules are essential but optional to follow by a bull rider.

The cowboy hats were once a part of the bull rider’s uniform. But you see, now only a few bull riders wear cowboy hats. The reason behind this is safety. When you wear a cowboy hat, there is no protection for facial fractures.

Therefore, most bull riders now prefer wearing a helmet rather than a cowboy hat. A helmet protects from facial fractures and other types of injuries. By 2013, the PBR had made it compulsory for all contestants at its events who were born on or after October 15, 1994, to wear a full bull riding helmet when they rode.

However, older riders like JB Mauney, born before that date, could ride with a protective face shield under their hat or simply with their cowboy hat if they wanted to.

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What materials are used in JB Mauney’s cowboy hat?

As we discussed earlier, JB Mauney wears a felt cowboy hat. A felt cowboy hat consists of various fur from beaver, rabbit, or wild hare. Using hot water when making a felt cowboy hat is also essential, and dyes are also used for achieving various felt colors.

These animals’ fur is then softened using powder. Another component of the process is leather, which is used to form the interior of the felt cowboy hat. After completing this process, the two-ply or double cord is used to create the ribbons that encircle the outside of the crown, and thread is used for stitching.

These are the main components of a felt cowboy hat. However, there are many different kinds of felt hats available today, and most of them use similar materials and preparation processes.


The cowboy hats that JB Mauney wears are expensive, and only some can afford them. However, some super-duper fans of JB Mauney will like to purchase these costly hats. If you are one of them, buy a felt cowboy hat with a rating of at least 20x.

After reading this article, you should know what kind of cowboy hat JB Mauney wear. Now, you can easily find out about the brand of the hat, and I hope the information provided in this article is helpful.

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What hat does JB Mauney wear?

JB Mauney wears a black felt hat. This hat has a creased crown and a 4-inch brim.

What is the actual name of JB Mauney?

The actual name of JB Mauney is James Burton Mauney. JB Mauney is an American professional rodeo cowboy and professional bull rider.

What is the difference between a felt hat and a straw hat?

A felt hat is made up of animal fur, while a straw hat is made up of plant fibers.

What rating is the best for a felt hat?

If you are looking for a high-quality felt hat, go for a 20x or higher rating, this is the best rating for a felt hat.

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