What Cowboy Hat Does John Dutton Wear? (All You Need To Know)

John Dutton seems to wear various types and colors of cowboy hats in the Yellowstone drama series. So, it’s not a good idea to only associate him with a robust felt cowboy hat.

If you are a die-hard fan of him, you may know that a company named “Greeley Hat Works” has made a similar cowboy hat that looks like John Dutton’s.

In this article, we’ll see more about what cowboy hat John Dutton Wear. But before that, let’s see the best quality of cowboy hats and what cowboy hats the real cowboys wear.

What does an authentic cowboy hat look like?

A genuine cowboy hat style contains a rounded crown and a flat but broad brim made of straw, felt, or leather. On the inside is a sweatband which helps while wearing the hat. And the cotton fabric is used for the lining of the hat.

But such designs were used in the past. Modern cowboy hats also have similar designs, but they are either made of wool or leather, making them more suitable and comfortable to wear.

And to make it easier to wear under hot conditions, air vents are also installed. Some cowboys wear cowboy hats tilted to prevent sunlight from reaching their eyes directly.

A classic cowboy hat is grey, black, or brown, but many other colors are also used. If you want to order one, you may tell the manufacturers about the color you want. Cowboys also seem to wear colorful costumes apart from hats.

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What cowboy hats do real cowboys wear?

The curved brim of a cowboy hat and a pinched crown make it one of the best pieces of Western Attire. It was initially made to keep the rain and sun out. But with its success, various designs started appearing with further specifications, which is a trend now. However, real cowboys wear three main hats: pillbox, flat-brimmed and wide-brimmed.

How a cowboy wears a hat will decide which style they need to choose. The wide-brimmed cowboy hat covers your ears and keeps your face away from sun rays when you’re sitting under a tree or in a wagon. It’s best suited if you want to wear a bare-headed hat.

However, a flat-brimmed cowboy hat will work if you are involved in activities such as working on a farm to see everything going on there or riding. The design of a Pillbox cowboy hat can be used for indoor activities.

So, it would help if you chose any of the above-mentioned ones. But make sure that you choose the one that is comfortable to wear. It is also recommended to wear a cowboy hat that is smooth and has vents in it if you aren’t a regular user and have to wear it on special occasions only.

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What Cowboy Hat Does John Dutton Wear?

As mentioned earlier, Robust Felt Cowboy Hat was the favorite one for John Dutton. But he used to wear various other styles also. One of them was a palm straw cowboy hat. This cowboy hat has a palm straw with “handrolls on its brim,” The front and rear parts had a nice dip.

This makes it a suitable choice to hang out or to wear while riding. John Dutton used to wear it on tours and also with his friends. His cowboy hat also had a leather band (dark brown) around it.

However, the outer part of this hat is black, and the inner part is white. Overall, John Dutton increased the reputation of this cowboy hat by wearing it in the Yellowstone drama series.

Another kind of cowboy hat John Dutton used to wear is a simple one that consisted of the “Texas Flat Crown,” which is a “Boss of the Town” style hat, similar to the “Boss of the Plains” invented by John B. Stetson.

It was a flat-brimmed hat with a pencil roll as well and had a charcoal color. He mainly wore it to cover his eyes, which made flat-brimmed hats more reputable. All in all, the cowboy hats worn by John Dutton have recognition of their own, and they need no introduction, either.

What makes people love John Dutton’s Hats?

There are multiple reasons why people like John Dutton and his cowboy hats. One of them was the role in the “Yellowstone” drama series. The role of John Dutton was played by Kevin Costner (present-day) and Josh Lucas (in the 90s).

The Yellowstone is a popular drama series, and people loved the character of John Dutton so much. Since he wore cowboy hats in the drama series, the trend was followed by millions of people worldwide, and it kept going for so long that even now, you will see people looking for the cowboy hats he used to wear.

Greeley Hats Works decided to manufacture similar hats to make things more special. So, fans can now have the luxury of buying all the items, from costumes to vests worn by their favorite character. That’s what has made them fall in love with cowboy hats and John himself.


Cowboy hats are of various kinds, styles, and colors. Some of them have been mentioned above: flat-brimmed, wide-brimmed, and pillbox cowboy hats; these are the main types the cowboys wear.

However, in terms of quality of materials, hats made of wool and leather are the best in the business. John Dutton used to wear them because these hats helped his eyes avoid sun rays and gave him a cool stylish look.

So, you may choose a cowboy hat you like out of the hundreds of styles available. Also, it’s up to you to decide how you wear it, depending on what purpose you need the cowboy hat for.


Where can I get a cowboy hat like John Dutton’s?

You can buy a similar cowboy hat like John Dutton’s at most department stores or online. You can also check out “Greeley Hat Works” official website, where they sell similar cowboy hats like John Dutton’s cowboy hat.

What size should my cowboy hat be?

Cowboy hats come in different sizes depending on your head shape. A medium-sized cowboy hat will fit you best if you have a round head. I have also written a detailed article on measuring heads for cowboy hats.

How much do cowboy hats like John Dutton’s cost?

A good quality cowboy hat like John Dutton’s costs about $500-$700. However, if you want something more unique, you may want to spend more money.

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