What Kind Of Cowboy Hat Does Rip Wheeler Wear? (Answered!)

Rip Wheeler, the star of the popular TV show “Yellowstone,” is known for his signature cowboy hat. But what kind of hat does he wear?

Rip Wheeler’s cowboy hat is a wide-brimmed, classic Reiner crease cowboy hat. It is made of 100% beaver fur and has a 4-inch brim. The hat is also very lightweight, so it does not weigh down Rip’s head as he rides across the plains.

The color of Rip’s cowboy hat is brown, which symbolizes strength and power. Brown is also the color of Rip Wheeler Jacket because it is the color of death, which suits Rip’s character since he is a bounty hunter who sometimes has to kill his quarry. Rip Wheeler’s cowboy hat is an essential part of his image and helps to make him look like the brutal, no-nonsense bounty hunter he is.

Who is Rip Wheeler?

Rip Wheeler is a character from the television series Yellowstone. Cole Hauser plays him, and Rip is a loyal and protective man who works as a ranch hand on the Dutton Ranch. He has a history of violence and is not afraid to fight or kill if necessary.

He is also fiercely loyal to those he cares about and will do anything to protect them. Rip is a complex character, and his deep sense of loyalty makes him both a dangerous enemy and a valuable ally.

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Why do people obsess over Rip Wheeler’s cowboy hat?

Cole Hauser played the character Rip wheeler in the yellow stone. He is known for having a darkly menacing and contemplating personality, and the cowboy hat helps him achieve his designated role. Despite his daunting aura, he is highly loyal to John Dutton and his family.

He protects the ranch family from their rivals’ dirty politics and conspiracies. The dark-colored cowboy hat gives him an intimidating appearance and maintains his nobility. The classic character of rip wheeler is why people are obsessed with him and his cowboy hat. 

How have cowboy hats gained massive popularity in American western films?

John B. Stetson was the first person to design a cowboy hat. He was a renowned hat manufacturer. He referred to his first cowboy hat as “boss of the plains.” He used the fur of rabbits, beavers, and other small animals with soft and delicate fur. Eventually, it gained massive popularity among people.

People modified “boss of the plains” over the period and turned it into the “cowboy hat.” Especially, Mexicans made a few changes to the cowboy hat to enhance its beneficial features. To provide insulation in winter, they made the crown higher and taller. They also designed wider brims to protect against the sun’s hot rays.

Since then, it has been widely used in western American series and films that include ranchers and cowboys. Cowboy hats have earned immense admiration worldwide, and people wear them according to weather conditions or for the sake of fashion.

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Why does Rip Wheeler wear a dark cowboy hat?

In American western films, light and dark cowboy hats differentiate between good and evil. Light hats symbolize the hero with a pious heart and pure intentions. On the other hand, dark hats represented the villains with deceitful and malicious intent.

Rip wheeler wore a dark-colored cowboy hat despite being the story’s hero. His unethical actions were done only to serve the ranch family with his loyalty, making him the story’s hero and in people’s hearts.

Why is Rip Wheeler’s cowboy hat shaped like that?

The rip Wheeler cowboy hat has a taller and narrower crown. The taller crown keeps the hat on the head during the fast wind or heavy rain. It also has a curved brim instead of the flat one. The curved and wide brim prevents the raindrops from spoiling the unique costume of the cowboys.

What are the features of a wheeler’s cowboy hat?

The ” Greely Hat Workers ” specially designed the Rip wheeler cowboy hat.” They are well known for manufacturing high-quality cowboy hats. Also, they have started designing hats similar to Rip wheeler’s hat for his fans. Some of the significant features of Rip wheelers cowboy hats are given below.

Material: Cowboy hats are made of 100% European beavers and rabbits instead of wool, straw, or felt. They are durable, strong, and convenient simultaneously, and they are long-lasting and last more than ten years.

Lightweight: They are lightweight and don’t feel heavy on the head. The soft fur makes them even more light and comfortable to wear. 

Resistant to weather: These Cowboy hats are strongly resistant to extreme weather changes. Rain does not affect the quality of the hats, and they protect against heavy rain in the rainy season.

Cowboys often tilt the hat over their eyes to protect them from the dazzling heat rays of the sun. Small air vents are also installed in the hats to pass air to the scalp. In the cool weather, cowboy hats provide insulation.  

How to choose a cowboy hat for yourself?

Before choosing a cowboy hat, you should keep some points in your mind. Your face shape will decide a lot about your choice of a cowboy hat. If you have an oval-shaped face, then any cowboy hat will suit your face.

But people with round faces should choose a hat with a high crown and slanted brim. Cowboy hats with Medium-height crowns are advised for people with long faces, and curved brims and round crowns suit square-shaped faces.

After determining the shape of your face, the next step is to measure the size of your head. Cowboy hat manufacturers provide accurate size charts with the product. Measure your head size using the measuring tape, and choose one size smaller than the actual measurement of your head from the size chart.


If you want to purchase a hat similar to that of a Rip wheeler, you can contact Greely hat workers. They provide high-quality cowboy hats, and their workshop contains different hats of different designs, styles, and sizes. You can choose any of them according to your need and choice.

Nowadays, cowboy hats come in different varieties. They are made of leather, straw, and felt. Simple bands and strips make them more stable on the head. Brown, black, and beige are the most commonly used colors. Many people wear them for fashion purposes. It is trendy among Mexican musicians, presidents, and various notable figures.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. If you have any further queries, feel free to contact us.

FAQs on Rip wheelers cowboy hat

What color hat does rip wear on Yellowstone?

Rip wears a brown cowboy hat on Yellowstone. The Greely Hat Workers specially design the cowboy hat. It is made of 100% European beaver and rabbit fur.

Who makes the cowboy hats for Yellowstone?

The Greely Hat Works make cowboy hats for Yellowstone, a well-known manufacturer of high-quality cowboy hats.

What do light and dark cowboy hats mean?

Light-colored cowboy hats generally denote a good guy, while dark cowboy hats represent the bad guys.

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