How To Make A Cowboy Hat Fit Tighter? (Explained!)

People usually wear cowboy hats for cattle riding, but nowadays, wearing a cowboy hat has become a typical fashion. Cowboy hats of various sizes and qualities are readily available, and these cowboy hats are easily adjustable and can be made tighter.

Cattle riders usually need a tighter cowboy hat, so it may not get off while riding or racing. Various companies sell high-quality cowboy hats in multiple sizes, colors, and shapes. If the straws or felts of cowboy hats are woven tightly, they may last longer. 

It is necessary to use fine-quality material to make cowboy hats durable and long-lasting. Even the tightening of a cowboy hat depends upon the type of straws or felts used.

You can tighten your cowboy hat at home without depending on any store or company. This article will show you how to make a cowboy hat fit tighter on your own.

What does the tightening of cowboy hat mean? 

Sometimes, you may realize that you bought an oversized cowboy hat, and then it does not fit on your head. Or else, your cowboy hat may become loose after long-term use or by the use of different people.

It’s not a problem; cowboy hats can be tightened and adjusted according to the need. There are some methods by which cowboy hats can be tightened, and you don’t even need to spend money.

How to make a cowboy hat fit tighter:

Following are some methods to adjust the size of your cowboy hat and make it fit tighter, so it does not fall off your head.

  • Whenever you buy a cowboy hat, the company always provides some form fillers with the hat. Such fillers are present for the size adjustment of the cowboy hat. You can add such fillers to the inside of the cowboy hat’s cover; this may tighten the size by half a centimeter.
  • If the cowboy hat is still loose, you can add another filler on the opposite side of the previous filler. This adjustment may then tighten the cowboy hat by about 1 centimeter. If you feel sweaty by using form fillers, other fillers are also available in the market for your convenience.
  • If you have a fur cowboy hat and want to shrink its size, spray some water over the cowboy hat thoroughly. The water quantity to be sprinkled should be adequate not to wet the entire hat. Then, leave the hat for about 45 minutes to one hour on a hat hanger or any suitable place. Once the cowboy hat dries, it will shrink its size; then, you can use your cowboy hat easily.
  • Some people use ribbons, strips, or belts over their cowboy hats. These accessories may be used to increase the charm of the cowboy hat, as well as to reduce the diameter of the hat.

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Is it necessary to tighten a cowboy hat?

Cowboy hats should be of an accurate size as per the user’s requirement. Otherwise, in the case of a loose hat, it might keep on spinning on the head or may blow off while riding. So, it must be tightened enough to fit in the head of the rider or user. In the other case, the tight cowboy hat may cause a headache, so standard fitting is necessary.

Does the quality of the cowboy hat affect its size?

Good quality wool or fur cowboy hats are interwoven finely and precisely to maintain the cowboy hat’s shape. Such cowboy hats are durable and do not become loose so early.

But cowboy hats can only maintain shape if the straws or felts are woven precisely, which may result in an increased diameter of the cowboy hats and become loose.

Precautions while fitting the hat:

Check the foam filling or the hat tape before inserting it into the cowboy hat. This filling has foam on one side and tape on the other side. You need to check out whether the tape is still adhesive enough or not.

Furthermore, don’t use double-sided tape, which may ruin the headband and may result in the tearing of the cowboy hat material. Don’t add any other foam fillings before measuring and checking the adjusted size.

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Benefits of hat size-reducing tape:

Following are some benefits of fillers or tapes used for reducing the diameter of cowboy hats:

  • These tapes are common and are available at home depots and other shops.
  • When these are used for adjusting size, they are comfortable and invisible.
  • These tapes and foams are inexpensive; they may hardly cost you around 5-6 dollars.
  • Owing to these fillers, you don’t need to visit the hat stores to adjust loose hats.

Maintenance of cowboy hats:

Cleaning and maintaining cowboy hats are necessary to maintain their size and quality. If cowboy hats are handled precisely and are adequately cleaned regularly, they remain in the correct proportion.

If the wet cowboy hats are hung anywhere without care, the hat’s shape may change. This can result in the increased internal size of the cowboy hat. The size may shrink if the hat is submerged in water, so it is preferable to dry clean the cowboy hats.

It is always easy to tackle with loose cowboy hats, as they can be tightened. But, if you have a tight cowboy hat, it may be a problem, and you may need to replace it.

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Cowboy hats are relatively easy to adjust if they are more significant than the required size. You can easily manage this case even at home. First of all, you should know how much adjustment is needed in your cowboy hat.

Your cowboy hat should be two fingers above your ears and two fingers above your eyes, and any loose cowboy hat may reduce this distance.

You can easily adjust the size of your cowboy hat and make it fit tighter by using the methods mentioned in this article. Once the cowboy hat fits well, it will not hinder your tasks, and your day will pass smoothly.


Do you need to replace your old loose cowboy hat?

If your cowboy hat is old and worn out, you can replace it with a new one. But replacing a cowboy hat only because of loose size is not a good decision. Cowboy hats can be adjusted easily according to the requirement.

Can you use a hair dryer to make your cowboy hat fit tighter?

No, using a hair dryer is not recommended, as it can damage the material of the cowboy hat. Instead, you can use a hat size-reducing tape or filler to make your cowboy hat fit tighter.

Do all cowboy hats need to be tight-fitting?

Only some cowboy hats need to be tight-fitting, depending on the user’s preference. Some people prefer a loose-fitting cowboy hat, while others prefer a tight-fitting one.

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