How Should A Cowboy Hat Fit? (Explained!)

Either you have decided to buy a cowboy hat for yourself or got one as a gift; you have to ensure the correct size in both cases. Of course, you can’t tell someone that a particular size fits you perfectly.

But you can take that into account when you’re the buyer. And it doesn’t matter what you buy it for; whether you’re willing to make a fashion statement or go to a Dude Ranch, you’ve to choose the right one.

Visit a western store nearby to buy a cowboy hat that fits well. They will start with your head’s measurement, tell you about the kind of Cowboy Hat that will work, and also about the trendy hats in your area. So, you’ve already got someone who will pass a compliment regarding your Hat. But in urban areas, you won’t find many western stores.

So, there are two options: look for an online company that sells cowboy hats or find a hat sales company in your area. But the question will remain, “How should a cowboy hat fit?“.

You need to know a few things in this regard.

Different types of Cowboy Hats

There are seven cowboy hats, out of which you can choose based on size, fashion, and price.

1. The Cattleman

It is the most traditional and iconic cowboy hat. With so many creases in the top and a curled brim, these are most commonly used in America, particularly in Texas.

The cattleman cowboy hat is a type of wide-brimmed Hat typically made from felt or straw. It is designed to protect the wearer from the sun and to help keep their head cool.

The Hat’s brim is often upturned in the front and back, and the crown is typically high. This type of Hat is usually worn by cowboys, ranchers, and those who work in hot, sunny environments.

2. The Tom Mix

Tom Mix was a famous American actor during the early 1900s who was well-known for his roles in Western films. He was also known for his signature style, which included a cowboy hat. This type of Hat is commonly referred to as a “Tom Mix cowboy hat. “

Its wide brim and tall crown characterize it. The brim is typically made of felt or straw, and the crown is often decorated with a scarf or other colorful fabric. Tom Mix cowboy hats are often worn by rodeo riders and people who work outdoors.

They offer protection from the sun and elements and can help to keep dust and dirt out of the eyes. Tom Mix cowboy hats have remained popular for over a century thanks to their iconic style.

3. The Gus

This Hat also has a high crown, smaller than “The Tom Mix,” sloping towards the front. It has three dimples also at the top. The Gus cowboy hat is a hat popularized in the American West during the late 19th century.

It is characterized by its wide brim and high crown, which helps to protect the head from the sun and wind. The Gus cowboy hat is typically made from wool or felt and is often decorated with a band or feather.

Today, the Gus cowboy hat is still worn by many people in the American West, and it is also a popular choice for costume parties and other events.

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4. The Open Crown

The open-crown cowboy hat is a style of Hat that many ranchers and cowboys favor. As the name suggests, the open crown refers to the fact that the Hat has a wide, open brim. This allows the air to circulate the head, which helps to keep the wearer cool in hot weather.

In addition, the open crown provides excellent protection from the sun and from rain. The open-crown cowboy hat is typically made from felt or straw, and it often features a decorative band or ribbon.

While the exact origins of the open-crown cowboy hat are unknown, it is clear that this style of Hat has been a staple of ranch life for many years.

5. The Gambler

A gambler cowboy hat is a type of wide-brimmed Hat typically worn by cowboys and other outdoors people. Unlike traditional cowboy hats, which have a high crown and a low brim, gambler cowboy hats have a flat brim that extends around the Hat.

This design helps to keep the sun and wind out of the wearer’s eyes, making it ideal for activities such as riding and ranching. Gambler cowboy hats are also often decorated with colorful bands or feathers, adding flair to the otherwise utilitarian design.

Whether you’re looking for protection from the elements or want to make a fashion statement, a gambler cowboy hat is a great choice.

6. The Brick

The cattleman and The Brick are quite similar in shape. The only difference is in the crown, which is a bit squared off for the latter. Its brim is also curved.

7. The Pinched Front

This cowboy hat has a V-shaped crown, with the bottom part pointing towards the front, which is why its name is Pinched Front. It also has two pinches near its front.

The types mentioned above are not to tell you that one has a better size than the other. You can wear anyone you want, but it may or may not fit in, depending on your head size. Take a look at how to fit the cowboy hat on your head.

Fitting the Cowboy Hat on your Head

Your Hat will look good only if it fits your head correctly. The cowboy hats worn these days are made of leather, straw, or felt. If your Hat is following your head’s natural shape, it will automatically fit in there. It shouldn’t be too tight to blow off, nor should it be too loose to sink below the eyebrows. Tight hats can also develop headaches because blood circulation stops soon after you try to fit it in. To measure your head, use the following tips:

  • Take a measuring tape and put it above your eyebrows.
  • Wrap it around the head, also.
  • Start measuring the size from the start of the tape.

This will provide you with the size of your head. But it would help if you considered some other factors also, which are given below:

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1· Shape of your Head

Cowboy hats come in long oval and round, oval shapes. But some companies split these also, making long & wide oval-shaped hats. It’s not easy to determine the condition of your head. But a salesperson may tell if their cowboy hat is fit or not.

But if it’s up to you, measure the width and length of your head, and use a measuring tape to measure from inside your ears. Then look at the shape of the cowboy hat. You’ll get some help deciding if it is suitable to wear.

2· Wearing the Cowboy Hat

After wearing the Hat, see if you feel irritated by its components, even if it fits perfectly. The front part of the Hat should be about a few centimeters above your eyebrows, while the back should be around a few centimeters above the skull.

Leave some room at the temples and try to balance it in front and back. This is the correct way of wearing a cowboy hat.

What if the Cowboy Hat doesn’t fit perfectly?

If you’ve bought the Hat online, don’t try to alter it if it doesn’t fit because you won’t be able to return it then. However, if there is no such option available, you can also try a few things at home.

If it’s too big for your head, use a foam strip to line the brim. But use the ones that are made for hats. Buying a strip is another option you may go for. Stuffing paper towels inside Hat’s sweatband is also an option to make it fit tighter. All in all, you can make it fit in your head with small tricks.


Having a too-small or too big Cowboy Hat is problematic, mainly when you’ve bought it online. But before buying, you can check whether or not the Hat fits your head by looking at the size chart.

If it’s still not fit enough, try the methods mentioned above to make it the right choice for your head.


Should a cowboy hat fit tight or snug?

A cowboy hat should fit snugly but not too tight. You should be able to wear it comfortably without it blowing off or being too loose and sinking below your eyebrows.

How far above the ears should a cowboy hat sit?

A cowboy hat should sit about half an inch above your ear. This will ensure that it is comfortable to wear and won’t cause any irritation.

Will a cowboy hat stretch over time?

Yes, a cowboy hat will usually stretch over time, so choosing one that fits snugly but not too tightly is essential. You can also take your cowboy hat to a professional hatter to stretch it if needed.

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