Cowboy Hat Rules And Superstitions For Ladies (Explained!)

Cowboy hats are a part of the American West and a big part of our culture today. They’ve been around for over 100 years, and their history is fascinating.

Cowboys initially wore them to keep their heads warm in the wintertime. But as time went on, people started wearing them all year round.

Today, cowboy hats are still a part of our country’s history. They’re often used at rodeos, parades, weddings, and other special events.

But there are some cowboy hat rules and superstitions you need to know about when it comes to wearing cowboy hats. This article will discuss some cowboy hat rules and superstitions for ladies.

So, if you are a woman and want to wear cowboy hats, then read on!

Cowboy hat rules for ladies (Must Know)

The cowboy hat rules for both men and women are the same. However, there are certain things that you should be aware of before you start wearing one.

For example, you should wear a cowboy hat with your long hair properly, otherwise you may look like a clown or an older man. Instead, you should always have your hair in a ponytail or bun.

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Once you wear the cowboy hat, follow these rules or cowboy hat etiquette:

1. Remove your cowboy hat while meeting someone

If you meet someone new, remove your cowboy hat first. This will show respect and courtesy. The person will not only feel respected, but they will also feel more comfortable.

This is also a great way to let others know who you are. You could look rude or disrespectful if you don’t remove your cowboy hat.

2. Remove your cowboy hat while talking to older people

When you talk to older people, you should remove your cowboy hat, as it shows respect and makes you seem more mature. This is one of the standard cowboy hat rules or etiquette.

Simply take your cowboy hat off while talking to older people and put it back on once you leave.

3. Remove your cowboy hat while eating

It would help if you never ate with your cowboy hat on. Removing your cowboy hat while eating shows respect to the person who has prepared the food, and it also shows that you enjoy the food and want to stay longer.

Also, do not place the cowboy hat on the dinner table. If the chair you’re sitting in has rails under them, you can turn your cowboy hat upside down and use them to keep the hat from touching the ground or falling off.

4. Remove your cowboy hat while praying

While ladies don’t need to take off their cowboy hats at church, it is always recommended to take off the cowboy hat while praying.

It is believed that God looks upon us with kindness and mercy. So, removing your cowboy hat while praying shows your gratitude towards him.

5. Remove your cowboy hat during the National Anthem

During the national anthem, you should remove your cowboy hat. This is because the national anthem is meant to honor the country. Also, remove your cowboy hat during the posting of the national flag.

Removing your cowboy hat during the national anthem and posting the national flag shows your patriotism and love for the country.

6. Avoid wearing your cowboy hat at a funeral

Wearing a cowboy hat at funerals or other formal events again shows disrespect, and you should avoid wearing a cowboy hat when attending such ceremonies. Also, take your cowboy hat off if a funeral processing is passing by you.

7. Tip-off your cowboy hat while thanking a stranger

This is considered a nice gesture. When you thank someone, you should tip off your cowboy hat. This will show your appreciation and respect for the person. The person will also feel appreciated and honored.

So, these are the seven cowboy hat rules for ladies that you must follow. These simple tips will help you look classy and elegant.

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Cowboy hat superstitions for both men and women:

There are also a few cowboy hat superstitions that both men and women should be aware of. Though I don’t believe in these superstitions, they are still good to know about.

1. Never wear a cowboy hat backward

If you wear a cowboy hat, then wear it correctly. Always wear it forward, and wearing it backward means you are looking for trouble, which will bring bad luck. I have already written an article on which way does a cowboy hat go, if you have any confusions then I would suggest you to read that article.

2. Always store your cowboy hat upside down

It is said that storing your cowboy hat upside down will store all the good luck inside it. This is why you may have seen many cowboys keeping their hats upside down.

3. Don’t put your cowboy hat on the bed

Placing your cowboy hat on the bed is also considered bad luck. Placing your cowboy hat on the bed is believed to bring bad luck. So, try avoiding this practice as much as possible.

4. Don’t sleep with your cowboy hat on

Sleeping with your cowboy hat on is also considered bad luck, and you might get sick. So, try sleeping without your cowboy hat if you believe in superstitions.

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These were some of the essential cowboy hat rules and superstitions for ladies. Make sure to follow these rules so that nobody can say anything against you.

Also, remember that every woman has her style and preferences. So, something other than what works for one lady might work for another. Hence, always try experimenting with different styles until you find something that suits you best.

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How should a cowboy hat fit a woman?

A cowboy hat should fit perfectly on your head and tightly around the front and back of your head but slightly loose around the sides. It should also be easy to remove and wear but not so easy to blow away in a light wind.

Can a woman wear men’s cowboy hat?

Yes, a woman can wear a man’s cowboy hat. However, she should make sure that the hat fits appropriately. A woman should never wear a hat that is too big for her.

Is there any specific cowboy hat rule for women?

No, there is no specific cowboy hat rule for a woman, and the cowboy hat rules for both men and women are the same. So, whether a man or a woman, you must remember the basic cowboy hat rules.

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